Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update on Emerson Ruth

Emerson just turned 17 months old on October 4th. She's a sweet girl who knows what she wants and doesn't hold back on letting us know. She makes us laugh constantly and is just getting so big. We love her so much. Here are some pictures, videos and updates on our little toddler.

Throwing a fit... This happens quite a few times a day. After this face, she usually throws herself down on the floor face down.
Just like every other toddler in the world, Emmy is obsessed with Elmo. Why does every kid love him so much? She knows how to tell us what she wants. :)

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

This is how Emmy dances in the car - it almost looks painful or hard for to keep throwing her head back and forth but she just keeps going and going. Even when she's falling asleep, she'll keep doing it with her eyes closed until her head finally falls forward. Zane's lip sinking in this video too.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

When we ask Emerson where someone or something is, she puts her hands out to her sides and says, "Ummm" and then tried to answer or go on a search. Sometimes she says "I don't know" but I couldn't get it on video. She also asks where people are herself and then responds the same way. She is getting better at finding things though. Like, she'll hide her milk somewhere and then an hour later when I ask her to go find it so I can put it away she usually remembers where she put it and goes to get it.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

* When she wants more of something, she says, "More, more, more" over and over until it comes back on. For example, every single time a song ends on the radio she repeats more until the next one starts. Also, when we're finishing a book she starts saying more until we start it again or another one.

* She loves to scare us a lot by saying "Boo" or by acting like a snake and hissing at us and chasing us. When we chase her, she screams at the top of her lungs.

* She's still a pretty good eater and most of the time with eat her dinner and also Zane's leftovers. She's starting to get a little picky though, which is such a bummer. When she doesn't want something she won't keep it anywhere near her so she says "no" and pushes it all the way away or gives it to one of us.

* She was sick with a fever for almost a week and during that time, she would just fall asleep all the time no matter what we were doing...eating, sitting, playing, etc. It was so sad - but we sure got a lot of snuggles out of it which usually don't happen that much.

* She tells us when she's about to go in in her diaper or when she already did and either asks for a new diaper or asks to try to go on the potty. She's tried a bunch of times on the real potty but nothing has come out yet. She likes it though and pretend pushes - it's hilarious.

* She has lot's more words and is definitely putting 2-3 words together to make short phrases, like "Mama's shoes" or "All done, Mama" or "I don't know" or "Zane's eyes" or "I want that" or "I want down," and others.

* For sure recognizable words that I can think of that she knows without help: ipad, Elmo, Zoe, Grover, Big Bird, Dora, Boots, Tyrone, Count, Woody, Buzz, Oh Toodles, up, down, yes, no, hi, bye, all done, banana, yogurt, bagel, milk, Grandma, Grandpa, Zane (Zzzza), Mama, Dada, Judi, Bob, Jord, Nell, Gigi, Papa, ball, book, car, choo-choo (for train) poop, tons of animal sounds which she uses to name animals usually, eyes, nose, hat, hair, hands, foot, toes, more, uh-oh spaghettios, and I'm sure more that I can't think of. :) She doesn't have near as many words as Zane did at this age, but we know we shouldn't compare because she's doing just fine. Zane was just verbally ahead of the game. Some of her words are more recognizable, but some are still consistent for her everytime that we can understand, but other people can't understand. She's getting better at repeating too.

* She can do almost everything on playgrounds by herself now. She has been able to for a while, but is now just getting braver and more capable. It's a little scary when she thinks about trying to go out of an open space up high instead of going down the slide, but I don't think she actually will. Hope not.

* She likes to sit, especially with Zane, and color and play with Play-doh or clay or stickers. She also tries to thread big beads and do other activities that Zane's doing so she can be just like him.

* She sings the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" theme song on cue and "Elmo's World" but I CANNOT get her to do it on video (still trying).

* She knows how to use the ipad pretty well and can't keep her hands off it when someone else is using it.

* She sits and reads books on her own all day.

* She seriously cries at the drop of a hat but also cracks up easily and is happy a lot of the time too.

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Phil and Callie said...

Great updates! I was laughing out loud at so many things. Phil and I were cracking up at Emerson wanting to watch Elmo. I think she and Maylee are going to be a lot alike. Maylee can throw a good tantrum already. I wish Zane and Mira were closer!! I can't believe how much bigger he looks, acts, and talks.