Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Wanna Be a Big Kid

Little Smith just wants to do everything that his big sister and brother are doing. 

If anyone lays on the floor, Smith will find them to tackle them.  Zane is amazing at playing with his little brother.  He is usually so careful and gentle and knows just how to get him to have fun and laugh a ton.
I like when he pretends to wrestle or "fight" Smith and then falls down.  Smithy loves it.

Emmy is also really good at playing with Smith.  She can sometimes be on the rough side, so I have to keep an extra eye on them, but she always means well.  She just wants him to do everything she does and makes him laugh too, but usually it's harder for her to figure out how. She loves her brother sooo much.
Here they are walking pushing their strollers around together.  I love how she helps guide his stroller for him.  He could do this all day long.

This video makes me so happy.  He just wants to be like the big's just hard to keep up! But he did figure out how to make the yelling sound. :)

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