Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer So Far

The end of the school year was fun, but we are glad to have a break.
Here's Emerson with her pre-k teacher, Mrs. Godwin and then Zane with his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Trenkamp on their last day of school.

The kids have been out of school for two weeks now and we have tried to fit in as much as possible of course. :) So far, so good.

Our backyard is one of our favorite places to be.  We have already spent a lot of time back there.

Here's Emmy filling up the pool for the first time.

Sports man - Zane wants to play any sport back there.  If he doesn't have anyone to play with, he just plays catch by himself.

We signed Zane up for 3 weeks of tennis lessons.  He has played a bunch with Grandpa Dave and it seemed like he really loved it and was pretty good at it, so we decided to let him try lesson to see if it was something he wanted to do.

He likes it.  Here's all the kids' rackets and water bottles.
Zane's in the white shirt...

Molly selfie
This boy loves to email.  He will ask to send emails over all sorts of other activities.

Emmy went on a mini shopping spree with some birthday money from Aunt Becca.  She got a new Dorothy doll, and some Anna accessories. :)

I took a bunch of videos, but no as many pictures of Zane and Emmy both learning how to ride their bikes with no training wheels.  A huge milestone!!  We waited until Zane was ready to really go for it.  He is a pretty cautious guy and wasn't very interested in trying it for a while, and felt pretty nervous about it.  Finally one day he decided just to go for it and caught on right away.
And even though we knew Em was ready, we were glad we waited till after Zane learned to let her try.  She was amazing right off the bat.  After her first try, Zane ran up to her and gave her a huge hug to congratulate her.  :) He's the sweetest brother.

Battle scars...

Emmy was fearless.  I was more nervous than she was! I don't think she even fell once.  When losing her balance, she just jumped right off and was fine. 
This girl is so happy on her bike and scooter.

More backyard

Emmy's school had an end-of-the-year party at a fun park with a big slide. The rode it a million times.
Smith and Emmy...

I love Smith's expression.  LOL.
Smith and I ran to get donuts one morning.  He snuck his early on the car ride home. :)
Sprinklers in the front yard.

Lounging and chalk stencils on the driveway

This guy knows how to lounge around!

Smith on his bike
Zane's football season is over now.  He genuinely enjoyed every single second of it. He was so into it this season and did so well.

He was so excited before each game...

And the fans...

Emmy doing a photo shoot at the game

Smith playing with Bob

Trip to Target - they were so good that we got icees on the way out

We have been to the Bay once so far.  It's a water park near our house and admission is included in our rec membership. Luckily, I had Judi and Bob there with me to help with the 4 kids.

Eating lunch

More football.  Zane and Zack coaching
Jordan had a banquet to celebrate her finishing up her residency.  It was great.  She ended up getting voted the "Chief resident of the year" by nurses at all 3 hospitals she works at.  I was so so proud!!  She is an awesome doctor and she'll be starting her new job with Kaiser in the fall.

My buddy and me braving the rain for a football game
Emmy and I gave each other facials.

Lunch in the backyard


We tried making "water beads." They are SO great.  They are slippery and slimy and so fun to play with.  The kids played with them in the water table all day long this day and most days since.

Chick Fil A with our friends

These two created Father's Day booklets for Zack.  They worked so hard on them and they turned out great.
My good friends and I got to spend a day out on the town while our kids stayed home with our husbands.  We got to go out to brunch, go shopping, and get coffee.  It was refreshing and so much fun spending a whole day out with friends.
More swimming with other friends.


Red Robin with family
Snuggle time for rest time.

Smith and Grandpa Dave at another football game.

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