Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Love our Molly!!

 Last week was our first week taking care of my sweet little niece Molly.  We are now on our 5th day and so far so good. Jord and Ben are both back at work and are both doctors in their 3rd year of residency at different hospitals, so our schedule will always be changing.  Days, week, and months will vary. 
Molly is so darn cute and tiny.  All three of my kids have done pretty well adjusting to having a new little one around.  Smith was really jealous at first and cried when I held her but I feel like has already gotten more used to her. Now he actually laughs at her everytime he sees her or makes a high sound, I think trying to say "baby." He is ROUGH too, so I have to be sure I never let him get his hands on her.  I've been strategically using gates and other things to separate them. Emmy is my biggest helper.  Especially when Zane's at school, she does everything with me.  Zane's super sweet too. 

Here's a few pictures from the first couple of days...
Tummy time
Zane was reading books to her.

I took a million pictures of all the kids sitting together.  I love their expressions. :)

Big eyes!

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lil' mama said...

Whoa! Zane looks big to me! Especially in that first pic of him and Molly.

You are a busy mama!

Molly is super cute too!