Sunday, February 5, 2012

Misc Pictures


We went bowling with my sisters and brother-in-laws and my aunt and uncle and Smith.  Smith got passed around a bunch and then finally got worn out and zonked out. Can you tell it was right before a Bronco's game? 

Hanging out..

Love how Smith is holding Emmy's fingers.

It looks like Smith is rolling his eyes while Zane and Emmy are cracking up.

Smith is so patient with his sister and brother. :)

Sweet girl
Sassy girl

Zane is in a gym/swim class where he gets to play in a huge gym and then go to swimming lessons right afterwards.

Jumping in the foam pit

Emerson is also in a gym class.  This day she wanted to wear her leotard.

Smith is getting so big!  He's started playing more in stand-up toys and gets excited when we show him a new toy and reaches out to grab it.  Emmy loved showing him all the new parts to this toy (that we borrowed from our good friend).  I love how he's looking up at her in this one.  I also like how she's wearing Zane's old Sponge Bob PJ's. :)

A couple of day ago, we got a pretty big snow storm.  The kids went out to "help" Zack and our neighbor shovel our driveway.

Zane stayed out for a while and loved the really deep snow in the back.  Emmy only stayed out for 5 minutes.  We probably got almost 2 feet total.

My kids love costumes.  I think I've written that on my blog about a thousand times. 

Shaving cream and cookies sheets.  Seems like it would provide fun for a long time, right?  Nope.  They played for 5 minutes.  Zane said he liked playing with the shaving cream but wished it wasn't so messy.
New haircut

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