Sunday, January 15, 2012

Catch Up Time

Recent pics...

Smith is doing so well. Since he's been off his oxygen he's been the happiest little guy. He's been thriving and is now sleeping really well too.
He's starting to scream more when he's happy, dislike his carseat more, grab toys, hair, anything in front of him, roll to his side and rotate around, laugh super hard, and snuggle with his blanket.
Emmy loves sharing her toys with Smith.

Zane and Emerson love playing with Smith. They hang out with him all the time.
Judi, my aunt, took the kids to an indoor amusement park. As you can imagine they had an awesome time. Both kids wanted to try every ride. Zane spent a lot of his time analyzing how the rides worked - he's always thinking and trying to figure things out!

Silly girl

Random pics just hanging out

We got to go to the Museum of Nature and Science with my friend Katy and her boys. They got to do some hands on activities and also got to see some really cool stuff.
Zane was uncovering a fossil
We also got to meet Sue the T-Rex. They loved the dinosaurs and Emmy even asked if she could get into the are with the T-Rex to get closer. Sorry about the tiny pic.
Nancy, Zack's mom, got us this super hero shirt for Smith. It's so cute - Zane and Emmy called him Super Smith all day.
We celebrated Zane's half birthday at school since his July4th bday hits outside of school. He got to hold the earth and travel around the candle (which represented the sun) to show how many years old he is. He was also excited to hand out cupcakes to his friends.
I can't believe this is Zane's last semester of preschool. We just registered him for Kindergarten next year...CRAZY!
Emmy got to join the celebration. She LOVED being part of the group and getting a chance to play with the kids. She will be ready for preschool next year for sure!
Another picture of Smith with his buddy Miller. They're growing fast - already 3 months old.

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