Monday, March 12, 2012

5 Months

Our sweet boy Smith just turned 5 months old.  Yes, that's right!  Smith is 5 months old.  I know I always say that time flies, but it has been FLYING!  I adore this stage, where babies reach so many milestones almost every single day.  But I've also been feeling a tiny bit sad, knowing that Smith is our last baby, that I won't get to experience all of it again.  I want to remember every single detail.

Smith makes our family so happy.  He could not be more sweet.  He really does put up with a lot from all of us - waiting for me to feed him, or lay him down while I help his sister and brother, not getting mad when a certain 2 year old and 4 year old get in his face non-stop, and going along with us to all of our outings.  We love him so much and love what he adds to our family. 

He's eating rice so much better now.  I'm excited for fruits and veggies, besides the fact that it takes so much time to feed him a bottle and baby food!  He is still just rolling over in his bed - he gets stranded on his tummy with his arms straight out to the side.  He isn't rolling over in front of us on the floor yet though.  He sort of sits up on his own, with a little support. He laughs constantly and is super ticklish.  He laughs and Z and E all the time and squeals with delight.  He's started screaming when he gets frustrated.  He gives us slobbery kisses.  He's starting to get sad when I walk away.  Overall, this kid is the greatest!

He likes swimming.  Here he is with his Aunt Nell.

Look at this cute face!  Irresistible.

 Happy, happy, happy - his whole body shows it

Sitting up

 Sitting up on his own - making progress
 At the zoo...

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