Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Smith is One

I really can't believe that my sweet baby is one. I really love this age though, so I'm super excited for it. For Smith's actual birthday day last week, we headed to the pumpkin patch by our house.  It was a super chilly morning, but we still had a lot of fun.

 We ate lunch there and then played and played! 
 Love these two silly ones.

 There were a bunch of animals to see.  Zane and Emmy were plugging their noses from the smell while Smith was busy growling or barking at all of the farm animals.


  THere was one crazy goose - I like how shocked Smith was in this video. He was trying to copy him though. This was a picture I took of us at the top of a huge bouncy slide.  Yep, I took Smith over and over and over.  We all held hands - you can see a little bit of Emmy's hair on the right side.
 We were the only ones in the bounce house - I put socks on his hands because it was way more freezing outside than I had thought.

 Then we went to the patch to pick out our pumpkins

 Grandma was there to help us get our pumpkins.

 Then, a few days later we got to celebrate our little guy turning one with family.  It was especially fun because we had some extra people there from out of town. 
 Smith seriously ate at least 2 huge slices of cake and was begging for more.  He finished off every last crumb.  Wow, he loved his cake.

Here's a quick comparison to Zane when he turned one... I feel like there are still some pics that the boys look exactly the same, but in this one and a few others they are starting to look different.


 Uncle Erik and my Dad
 Aunt Judi and my stepdad Dave
 Nell and Anthony
 Opening some gifts...he got two new balls that he loved and played with the rest of the day. Emmy was right there to help Smith open gifts, of course.

 Zane giving Smith the gift from him and Emmy - an Avengers shirt that they picked out themselves

 Fun time with our east coast cousins!

 There had to be some football watching, right?
 Charlie and Zane were playing with our new "Zoobs" Such a great gift!
 Smith liked them too...

Em had so much fun with all the boys - she is such a little tomboy sometimes!
 But she also likes her girlie things - loves her doll house

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