Friday, July 9, 2010

Emerson Update

Emerson turned 14 months on the 4th. She's such a sweet little thing, but constantly keeps us on our toes! She's wild, sassy, fun, and so loving.

Here's a few updates, pictures, and videos of Emmy.

The other day, for the first time in her whole little life, she reached for someone else and didn't cry when I dropped her off at the nursery at my Bible Study! I couldn't believe it. It only took 14 months...not bad!

She has two upper and two lower molars, which will help so much with all her chewing.

She can open doors now...uh oh!

When she falls asleep in the car now, we can transfer her into her bed without very much trouble at all and she goes right back to sleep. She never used to be able to do that.

She does a lot more animal sounds now and just repeats them over and over and over and over.

When she asks something with words or sign language, she starts shaking her head up and down and saying "yeah" over and over like it will talk us into saying yes.

This is her and her dad's bad hair day...

She still eats a lot and a good variety and is still as messy as ever. She doesn't mind it, like Zane used to and still does.

We went to a 4th of July parade and she zonked in the stroller, which almost never happens.
We went to a park, and she loves swinging and this day she went down the little slides all by herself.

We love how she constantly shakes her head yes and says, "Yeah."

I was just in the mood to video tape a couple of weeks ago, so I just taped her doing basically nothing. So, this is kind of a boring video, but fun just to see her hanging out.

Just Being Emmy from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

We took Zane and Emerson to see the fireworks in Castle Rock the day after the 4th since we were already in the car driving back at that time. All four of us sat in the front seat of our car while we waited and Emerson entertained us with her driving skills. The fireworks started late so they got so restless and then Emmy was too tired and sad to even enjoy the fireworks. At least Zane loved them.

Driving from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

This is Emerson's fish sound. I like how she did the dog sound with her mouth it's too much work to do the real one. :)

What Does a Fish Say? from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

I like how she's starting to add sound effects when she plays. When she pours tea, she makes a sound with her mouth and does it a lot more in general now. It's fun seeing her little imagination starting up!

Tea Party from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

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MattandKate said...

I love your crazy little girl! Boy is she Zack's daughter!