Friday, June 1, 2012

Smith is Cool

I love my little Smith soooo much! He is the sweetest guy. He brings us all so much joy everyday. I feel bad that I haven't been great about updates and milestones for him. 

I didn't even post about his surgery that he had a month ago.  He had gotten 5 ear infections before he got his tubes, and even afterwards, they were infected and draining for 2 more weeks.  They are finally clear now after having to take another oral antibiotic.  He also had surgery done on his private area and it's healing well too. It was a really tough week post-surgery but he was so good through the whole thing. He is such a trooper.

* He is super close to crawling and will crawl just one or two "steps" to get to something but then goes right back to sitting. He's starting to get frustrated and really really wants to move so I'm hoping he gets it soon.

* He can get back to sitting from laying down, which means he gets stuck sitting up everywhere, even in his bed. Silly boy.

* He's starting to climb up stuff and has tried to pull himself up to standing a few times.

* He is screaming, screaming, spitting, spitting,and screaming. Wow, this dude has found his voice and screams when he's happy, sad, excited, hungry, mad, etc. He also babbles a lot, especially mamamama.

* He's eating tons of baby food and prefers it way over milk. He also has started a few finger foods.

* He still thinks Zane and Emmy are hilarious and loves playing near them but he also has learned how to push them away or get upset at them if they take something away or kiss him too much.

* He's a really good sleeper, but he still wakes up every single morning at about 5 and wants to eat. At least he does go back to sleep, but I can't always and if I do, the kids usually wake up about 6:30 or so. I'm just hoping he can make it two more hours!!!

Look at his little white fingers holding on so tight (check out the video down below)

 It feels like he's getting so big - he loved spinning on this thing at the playground. He held on really tight the entire time. I really didn't even need to keep my hand behind him. He also giggled the whole time. He also likes swinging. We thought it was funny when he started hitting his hands together. It's like he's trying to clap. He does it a lot near the end of the video.

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