Sunday, May 19, 2013


Warm weather = happy kids and happy mom

These guys have been playing for HOURS everyday outside in the backyard lately.  The other day, Zane and Emmy played outside from after lunch till almost dinner time. 
I took a thousand pictures just because they were having so much fun.

 Such a personality

 Zack ran a half marathon and we went to cheer him on.
Molly was holding my coffee for me, and then tried to take a sip.
 They made signs for him.
 Finish line

 Bundled up in the wind

 Here are some cute pictures of Smith and Em in their pj's.

 Wow Museum on a rainy day...
 This is Emmy dressed up like a pirate and giving me a "mean pirate face." She's good at getting into character.
 Zane's pirate face

 We've started packing - here's our first packed box.
 Zane got to have his last soccer practice with a professional British soccer coach.  The coach was hard core and really into it - it was absolutely hilarious watching Zane and the other kids trying to keep up with what he was asking them to do.
 Emmy's class had all the mom's come for a Mother's Day Tea. They made snacks and served us drinks and snacks, sang to us, danced with us, and made us a ton of cute crafts.

 Getting ready to play outside.  Smith's putting on his shades.
 Smith with his good buddy, Pappy at church.

 Just a couple of cute shots of little Molly.  She is pulling herself up now and cruising around. She's such a cutie pie - even when she's getting new teeth and fussing.

 Going on a walk
 Playing Peek-a-boo with Em and cracking up.  I love how well she is loved at our house and how much she loves my 3 kids.

 Taking some breaks from sprinklers...

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