Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Time

This year we had lot's of Easter celebrations. Zane and Emmy were both at fun ages for everything, so we did a lot.

A week before Easter, we spent the day at Grandpa Jack and Grandma Kris' house. The kids had fun playing, searching for their baskets, gifts, and eggs.

Here's Emmy opening up her new shoes...

Playing together

Zane took searching around the house pretty seriously. He didn't really look up much, just looked for eggs like a champ.

Zane liked playing with his new bowling set...

Then, on Friday before Easter, we dyed eggs. Zane did a ton of it all by himself. He drew on the eggs, picked the colors, added stickers, etc. We only lost about 8 eggs in the process. :)
What focus!

At church on Sunday, they had a big egg hunt. Every time Zane found an egg, he gasped. So cute. He kept wanting to show Emerson what he found.
Emmy found a few too.

Zane loved the Easter Bunny and followed him around.
Emerson didn't.

After church, we went to Judi and Bob's house for lunch. Emerson wants to walk constantly and Pappy was nice enough to walk her around inside and outside.
Zane is obsessed with their dogs. Every time we're there, he wants to give them toys and also goes back and forth from their food bowl with handfuls of food for them and drops it in their cage. In this picture, he was asking the dogs to hand him back their toys. :)

Here's Pappy snorting at them when they touched his mustache. It was a big hit.

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Derrick, Shelbie, and Kai said...

Never saw the pics before I saw you at playgroup....totally cute Easter madness! I can tell Z was much more careful with egg dying than K! I love to see the kiddos all dolled up! Cute.