Monday, July 2, 2012


Well, here I go, catching up on the past MONTH! Yep, that's right, a month's worth of pictures. Starting from the beginning of the month until the end.

Here's Zane on his last day of preschool with his teacher Ms. Doreen.  He loved going to school this past year, and now he's super excited for Kindergarten.  

I just liked these pictures, from time at a park.  Zane was waiting his turn for a seesaw.

Emmy fell asleep in our grocery cart - I have never had that happen before!

Pet rocks

Zoo time with friends. Here's the crew looking for tigers.

With their buddies Charlie and Abhi.
The two babies took a nap in their strollers .  Yes, these are our three double strollers parked in a row. :)

All of us

After our hot and exhausting day at the zoo, we had to get a cold drink.  I let them share a Vanilla Cream Frappucino and neither of them liked it.  Emmy said it tasted like water and Zane said it tasted like "snow that a dog peed in."  Hahaha.
We love going to our YMCA...the outdoor pool and spray park are great.
Smith LOVED the little fountains and played in them for a long time.

Emmy was showing us her bagged cast on one arm and Sleeping Beauty in the other. I think Smith was yelling at Zane for touching his head. 

These three got to walk some laps at the Relay for Life in Broomfield while we visited some friends doing it...Zane in flip flops and Emmy in rain boots.

Here are some pictures from Zane's first t-ball game. 
First, the fans...

There's Zane, in the middle of the pack with shorts on
The "Gators" team...Zane is 4th from the left.

A few weeks before this day, we went on a hike together and it went really well so we thought we'd try it again.  This time, not so much.  We drove to Boulder, near the Flatirons, to hike at Chautauqua park. First of all, it was H.O.T.  Well, it took us about 15 min to find a parking spot, 10 min to put on sunblock and find our glasses, get Smith into the backpack, etc. and then another 10 minutes just to get across the street to the field. 

Then we started "hiking" up the trail just to get to the beginning of the actual hike and it was hilarious.  Emmy was asking for a water break every minute of so. Zane was complaining of the heat and acting sluggish, and Smith was falling asleep in the backpack.

So, we got up to the start of the hike, took one picture, and turned around and went back. Everyone was happy with that decision.

Look at these poor hot faces...

A couple of weeks ago, while Zack was at middle school camp, I got to spend most of a week with my mom and sisters in Colorado Springs.  While down there, we threw a baby shower for Jordan, who is expecting a baby girl in August.
Cute outfits!!
Cutie pies...

Hanging with Dad on Father's Day - pretty sure Zane was dressed like a spy

My friend Tammy and I took all the kids to Chick Fil a for lunch and then to Costco.  Boy was it hilarious.  The kids had a great time.
Walking along the freezers
Here are some pics from a recent trip to the museum.  Zane loves snakes right now.  Love them.

Emmy got her cast off only 3 weeks after she got it on. The doctor was impressed by how quickly her bone healed.  She was awesome the whole time they sawed it off, through x-rays, etc. She held her arm straight like this for about 10 min after she got her cast off.  It made me laugh.
Spreading out her fingers - her elbow was stiff and her arm was so sensitive!

Another t-ball game...this time the fans were running circles together.

Ready to bat

Our tired guy after his big turn at bat

We set up our ball pit in the basement.  Smith is in heaven.

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