Sunday, July 8, 2012

Zane is 5!

Yes, Zane is 5. This feels like such a huge milestone.  I can't believe how old he really seems lately and I love it even though I don't know where the time went.  He really is just the sweetest guy - which is exactly who he's been since he was born.  I have loved thinking back to his birth and first few years. But now I'm excited for this year and looking forward to having a 5 year old, a Kindergartner, a big helper, and a great big brother.

Look at this cute little face! 5 years


We had Zane's birthday party this year a few days early.  It was an interesting party because almost none of Zane's friends could make it (after inviting 30 kids).  It worked out well though, because it ended up just being family and a couple of Zane's good friends. We had it at the park near our house and the kids had fun for sure.  The adults had fun just eating and hanging out in the shade.

Here's our guy eating his snacks before going out to play.

Smith and Nell
Emmy with their friend Skylar
Spiderman / 4th of July theme

Grandma Shirley and little guy
Love this guy

Smith was lucky to have his cousin in town.  Zack's sister Becca and her son Perry were in town, as well as his mom Nancy.  So the kids got to have family stay with us all weekend.

Hanging with Grandpa Jack

Zane wanted to be sure there were white and chocolate cupcakes so that people could choose. :)  I love these next three pics (thanks Dad).  I just love his expressions!!!


He let Emmy help him open almost every gift - he was so patient.  His friends loved watching.  Here he was opening his gift from his friend.

The little boys got to eat lunch in the stroller.  Thanks Gigi!
HOT faces!

Zane and Skylar
THEN, a few days later we got to celebrate Zane's real birthday on the 4th as a family.  Zack had the whole day off, which was awesome and we got to have a really  packed day.

We had blueberry muffins for breakfast and spent the morning relaxing, playing games, and playing legos at home.

Then, went to McDonalds for lunch.

After that, we headed to the mall and had to get ice cream of course.

Later that evening, we left Smith with Grandma Fran and took the two older kids to the fireworks event in Broomfield.  Their favorite part of the whole night was riding the school bus shuttle from where we parked to the park. 

They had bounce houses, a playground, petting zoo, pony rides, etc.  It was awesome just playing and hanging out, waiting for fireworks.

They held on pretty well.  Right before fireworks, we put them in pjs and snuggled in.  They both LOVED it, for the first while.  Then Emmy fell asleep and slept through the last half of the fireworks, loud finale and all. 

Here they are so excited with their glowsticks.

Here's Zack carrying Emmy afterwards.  
Afterwards, we went to catch our shuttle back to our car and realized that there were a million people waiting in front of us.  They only had two buses so it was taking forever.  Zack finally had to run 3 miles to the car to pick it up and bring it back and we still beat the second load of people out.  What a hero. :) Luckily, while we waited for him, Emmy slept and Zane fell asleep on the bench next to us. We didn't make it home till about 11:30. Long day, but fun!

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