Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Misc

The summer is coming to an end...Zane started first grade last Thurs. and Emmy starts pre-k after Labor Day.  We had an awesome summer and we did a lot but still somehow had a few things we never got to check off our list.  Luckily, we still have next summer. I'm feeling thankful that the two big kids will get to spend some time apart.  Toward the end of the summer, they started fighting a lot and I think it was partly because they were spending every second together.

I try my best to take random shots of our everyday activities...

Cutie pie trying to ride like the big kids.  He's 100% positive that he's at least 3 or 4 years old.
 Poor sick boy - was sick with a bad tummy and fever and rash for one full day.  But luckily he still somehow had enough energy to play legos all day.  Look how pathetic he looked all bundled up on a hot summer day. :(
 Tada! Cup stacking tower...
 Smith loves wearing sunglasses and usually wears them either upside down, on the top of his head, or on the front of his tummy.

 Zane got a new membership for his birthday to the Children's Museum.  We will get a ton of use out of it. This day we got to go with Judi and Bob.  It's so nice to go with other adults who can help play with the kids. Thanks guys!

 Zane loves the construction area at the museum.  He can build using all real tools.  He loved it so much that we asked Bob if Zane could come build at his house every once in a while.

So, here he is doing some construction work with Bob. Bob bought special tools and supplies specifically for Zane. :)

 Back to the museum - these guys love the bubble room

 Safety goggles

 I like this picture - we went on a really long ride/jog.  I tried to push the two little kids and keep up with Zane on his bike. I love their toes sticking out the front.

Zane had a fun baseball season this summer.  Zack and our friend Brandon coached the kids. Here's Zaney boy.
 Hanging out after the last game
 One morning we had to get up early to go pick up Molly, so we had to stop by Lamar's on the way back. These guys can pound some donuts!

 The big kids got to spend one night at Middle School camp with Zack in the mountains. So, Smith and I got to have a night to spend, just the two of us.  It was the best! We went on a really long walk together and then just had some really good playtime. I love my little buddy so much.

 Oh yeah, and we walked by a park on the way home.
 Emmy got really sick at the end of her camping trip with Grandma and Grandpa.  She got a double ear infection, high fever, and cold symptoms.  So she was happy to get the prescription she loves.  She gave her self a "mustache" with the syringe.
 This night, we swam at the rec center in the evening and then got to eat dinner there. It was fun for them to do something so different. :)
 This is one of my favorite pictures ever because it captures my Zane perfectly. He is an incredible reader and writer.  He spent a ton of his summer reading huge chapter books and writing his own books.  He filled up 3 spiral notebooks with his own stories.
His reading is awesome because of how sucked in he gets. He will sit and read an entire book in one setting - he finished this Magic Tree House in 2 hours.
 We hang out in our backyard a ton.  Here's Molly begging Zane for a bite of his Gogurt.
 And then, Zane gave her the rest of it.
 Look at this big girl standing up by herself and Emmy at her side, like always. :)
 Emmy and Zane gave Molly a new hair do too!
 We had two friends over for a big playdate.  They played outside.
 Then built a fort to watch a movie...

 Hannah was reading to Smith and he was cracking up.
 We took a summer evening walk - with our ice cream cones.

 At the Denver Zoo - we found the little stream tucked away. We played with Jord and Molly in it for a while.  It was a perfect way to cool off.

 Here's Emmy in her homemade TV.  She is good at doing all sorts of shows.

 While we were walking around this pond, all the ducks rushed up to us thinking we were going to feed them.  Smith was absolutely terrified. The rest of us thought it was fun.

 Frozen yogurt!
 Park day - we rushed there right before dinner to get out before a storm hit.  It was cool weather and windy and they had so much fun together.

They found the wood chips pile.

I was letting them throw them at me and they thought it was hilarious.

 Smith has been going to My Gym for a while but this week we enrolled Molly too.  Now they get to go to a class together. This was the first day of having both kids in it.

 These two pictures are of Zane's first day of school.  Emmy got special "girls time" with me while Smith and Molly napped.  She was loving life.
 Playing with rice
 Em and Smith have been such sweet buddies lately.  This day, they spent and hour and a half in the backyard together.  Smith pretty much copies everything Emmy does and its so cute.
 They ate lunch out there...
 Two blondies hanging out
 Then Molly joined the fun.

 Park time with Dada

 This girl loves to climb trees
 I left my computer out and Smith, all by himself, opened it and opened up Photo Booth and started taking pictures of himself.  This one was my favorite of him and Molly.  They could see themselves and were making faces.  All by themselves!!

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