Saturday, March 26, 2016

First Two Weeks of February

This year I volunteered to be on our school's Read-a-thon committee. My job was to set up special guest readers/speakers to come in and read to the students and then talk about their talents, job, skills, passions, etc. It was a lot of fun, and there were so many amazing people who took the time to come in for us. I snuck my kids out of class to visit a few that I didn't want them to miss, even if it was for a different grade level. My friends stepped up a ton - Dan the cartoonist, Lindsey the Poms coach and writer/speaker, Dr. Mendoza, Janelle the Miss Colorado contestant, and TONS of other really interesting people. Our friend Miguel came in.  We've known him for a super long time.  He's a musician and came in to read and then played a few songs.  The kids (and teachers) loved it.  

Who needs class when you could be watching a musician??
Smith and I have spent lot's of days, just the two of us.  This day, he played outside in the snow forever while I shoveled and then took a long bath.  It took up half a day.

We had neighbors join us all later to build a fort

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!  Emmy is in her very first year of girl scouts.  WE couldn't resist that 4 of her best buds were in a troop together.  She's loved it so far and this year, we tackled selling the cookies! She ended up selling almost 150 boxes.  Not too bad! She loved organizing bags for people who ordered and writing down everything.  She was organized (with a little help).
And our biggest sales came from walking around the staff offices at work.  The church staff is the best - and bought a TON of boxes from Emmy. It was really fun for her - and overwhelming. Haha.
We also set up a booth outside one afternoon during rush hour and did pretty well there too. One guy, who was out for a jog, bought 10 boxes!

Emmy and her troop got to tour a police station and fire station.  The lady leading our tour was such a good example for the girls - a tough woman!
Smith joined the ladies. :)
Driving the police car
Then we headed to the fire station and got to see all the trucks and gear.

For Emmy's 100th day of school, she got to dress up like a 100 year old lady.  Her expressions CRACKED ME UP.

Smithy is such a sweet little guy.  He was entertaining baby Delaney this day, while she visited.

Just a super sweet shot of the kids being sweet friends.

Valentine's Day -
Smith's Valentine's - he can write his own name pretty well now.
Emmy, of course, didn't want to do regular valentine's.  So we searched for ideas and found a cute one, making slime.  She worked really hard on them, creating the labels, writing all the kids' names, making the slime, etc.
Zane's face. LOL.

We did it!

and Zaney's - he just wanted Star Wars valentines and was set on giving suckers with them.
Red and pink for their party day. (Notice Emmy's new donut pants!)
Speaking of donuts - this girls can stuff quite a few in at a time.
Party time!
Zane's party was fun too.

Later, during Zane's baseball practice, the two little guys and I went out for frozen yogurt.

Longmont museum - oragami exhibit.
Rock climbing.  This day, Smith made it to the VERY top of the huge wall!!!!

Look at my baby looking down!  When did he get so big?
Sleepover with Molly and Gabby. I let all the kids sleep in the boy's room together.
Happy Valentine's Day!  Yep - we got donuts on the way to church of course. :)

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