Thursday, February 25, 2010

Emerson Ruth

Our sweet girl turns 10 months old next week (the 4th) and she's learning so much!

Emerson can copy a bunch of sounds now, like la la la, ba ba ba, ma ma, and now she says, "ta da." She copies it really well. She also uses sign language for "more" and "all done" and is starting to understand others words and responding to them (clapping, dancing, somersaults, How big is Emmy...soo big, etc.) More updates are below...

She's definitely starting to test us a little bit since she's starting to understand what "no" means. She usually touches something she's not supposed to and looks directly at us and smiles. She does listen eventually, but it usually takes a few times at saying no and we definitely have to physically move her most the time. You can see her in this video listening and thinking and deciding if she wants to stop or not.

Emerson also:
* Uses her toy microphone the right way - holds it to her mouth and yells into it like Zane does and when she holds the remote control, she points it to the tv. She's also starting to put play phones up to her ear.
*Is starting to cruise around by holding on and walking and she thinks she can balance while moving both hands to another spot at the same time and it only works out sometimes.
* Likes to try to hold onto one or more things in her hand at once.
* Has 2 bottom center teeth and 3 upper teeth (the two side ones and the top right middle). The left top one is starting to fight it's way through....oh joy! She also grinds her teeth already - that can't be good.
* Scrunches her nose a lot and sticks out her tongue a lot.
* Plays "peek-a-boo" by hiding (leaning away or down behind something) and then poppy back up.
* She waves hello or good bye and actually says bye (ba ba).
* Still has such bad stranger anxiety and usually cries when I leave her sight.
* Has a little of trouble, still, with real food chunks like Cheerios, avacado, crackers, veggies, etc. but is getting better by the day.
* Laughs at Zane constantly and climbs on him all the time. Luckily he thinks it's pretty funny.

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lil' mama said...

You are so good about posting the details! I try to but when I start typing my mind goes blank. Z and E will appreciate this in the years to come :) Hope Big Z is feeling better!