Monday, February 8, 2010

Zane Update

The picture above is of Zane eating sushi. He actually eats California rolls and loves rice with soy sauce. He also chowed down on Edamame.

Here is Zane at the zoo, checking out some ducks. He wanted to get into every cage and "play" with the animals. Don't worry, we didn't let him.
Zane had his last day at the gym other other day (thanks for that amazing gift, Gigi!). We couldn't do that and school, so we decided to go with school for a while and take a break from the gym. He's loved this past year of jumping, sliding, playing, and just going wild there.

This is his smile right now. :)

We painted with pudding the other day. It was a big hit!

Here are some other fun things he's been doing and saying lately...

He can name or go grab every state in the U.S. when we ask him to. Also, when he hears any state said out loud, on T.V. or anywhere else, he yells it out and get's happy and tells me who's from there or who lives there.

When I ask him to help with something, he is starting to come up with new and creative responses. The other day when I asked him to come help clean up, he said, "Not right now, I'm playing a game." So I asked him what he was playing and he started to scratch the toy box and said, "I'm playing scratch the toy box." He tells me he's too busy a lot too.

I asked him if he remembered when Jord and Ben got married and he responded with, "Yes, I married Mira (his cousin who was the flower girl) too and I was a handsome prince."

He says, "That's for sure." and "So..." all time within his sentences.

We were playing at the park and went on the see saw, and Zane said, "Hey Mommy, we're the seesaw mans!!"

He asks me all the time, "Do you want me to...." Like, do you want me to eat this? Do you want me to drop this on the floor? Do you want me to grab Emerson? It's things that make sense and then things that he knows I won't want him to do.

He constantly asks me to "Show me how!"

He's starting to get tricky. When we ask him not to do something, he responds sometimes with something like, "I'm not jumping, "'m just bouncing. Or, "I'm not hitting it, I'm just tapping it." Oh boy, we're in for an adventure.

He sings the "Busy busy spider" instead of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

When we're reading together, I always ask Zane what he thinks will happen or what he things the characters might be saying. It's been so cool watching his mind work so hard to come up with predictions or other inferences and he's doing so well starting to be able to do it.

He's also been wanting to know what words are in books now and when he reads, he says, "I can't read it because I don't know the words." But he's also starting to make up some words that would make sense or sometimes sings the books.

He has lot's of made up friends (mostly characters from books and movies) who he invites in to play or invites upstairs to sleep with him, etc. He actually opens the door or gate and gives them time to go through and then starts playing with them.

He tells Emmy, "Swiper no swiping" which is what Dora tells Swiper on her show when he tries to steal things from her.

When he colors something or makes something, he says, "Look, I made it all beautiful."

When we go somewhere with lot's of people, Emerson doesn't do that well letting others hold her. So, when someone asks to hold her, Zane says, "Shes gonna cry!" Then, if she doesn't cry, he says, "She likes you!"

He puked once the other day, I have no idea why. But then the rest of the day, he kept pretending he was puking in his "puke bucket."

He keeps me up to date on all of his bodily functions. He tells me, "Don't worry, I'm not pooping in my diaper, I'm just farting...I've got gas."

He asks questions constantly!!! Like, "What's that smell? sound? noise? Who's that? What's this? Why? What are you doing? Why?" and on and on and on.

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Ashley said...

Swiper no Swiping! That is epic!
I miss that little guy! And I love hearing about the kids. Give them a hug for me!