Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time Together

Zane and Emerson have really loved spending time together lately. They're friends most of the time, even though they do have their bad moments. They also LOVE being around Smith. (Sometimes too much :) He's pretty patient with them and is starting to smile a lot at his brother and sister. They've really been gentle and sweet overall and have helped me out a lot.

I love this video! Emmy likes to sing to Smith - she's singing Twinkle Twinke.

Emmy's really good at giving Smith his pacifier.

Snuggling time while reading before bed
Friends doing puzzles by each other - they worked this day for a really long time and helped each other

Z and E got to feed Smith a bottle by themselves

Laughing at each other

Family walk around the lake - I love how Emmy's looking at Zane in this picture

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SMB said...

So cute. Love the pictures. Maybe you can make it to playgroup at Jaimie's??