Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Been a While...

Time flies when you're having fun OR if you are super busy taking care of 3 little kids!! Having Smith in our family has brought us so much joy but has also made life a lot more busy.
Everytime I sit down to catch up on my blog I'm just too tired or have a million other things I need to do. I'm sure everyone knows exactly how that feels!

We've been doing well. Smith is 2 months old already. We took him to the doctor yesterday and he weighs 14 lbs 9 oz which means he's in the 96th%tile for weight and is also in the 95th %tile for height. Wow - such a big guy. He's smiling and laughing out loud a bunch now and is so chilled out most of the time. He loves when we change his diaper. He does know how to scream and cry when he's hungry or if we let him get too tired. But if we swaddle him and give him a pacifier, he usually just goes right to sleep. He's also only waking up once a night usually.

Zane and Emerson are still loving being a big brother and sister to Smith.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the last several weeks. Completely random and in weird order!

We visited my friend Tammy and her three little ones. She had a baby boy 20 days after Smith was born so we let them lay by each other. Our kids love their new brothers.
Smith and Miller
Just some random pictures off of my phone lately...

First time swimming - he never cried or got sad but he also didn't get super excited. He was wide awake the whole time and seemed to like the water. Zane and Emmy LOVED having him swimming with them and tried to talk me into bringing him with us on the huge slides.
Zane was showing me the belt he made for Emmy and taped onto her. He originally had added the sides to some 3-D glasses and then switched it into a belt instead. He even put her favorite colors on it for her.

Zane took this picture of Zack acting like a dog

Hanging out on the couch watching TV

The boys
A couple of Christmas projects that Zane and I came up with together.

Zack and his Mom Nancy ran the Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving morning and Zane ran the kids' 1/2 mile race. It was an awesome, beautiful day and we all loved being outside. Zack and his mom both did great! Zack ran it in about 25 minutes. Wow.

During Zane's race, he fell down and scraped his hands and knees. Luckily, he was able to get up and keep going but when he first finished, he felt sad still. Once we explained that it was awesome that he didn't give up, he felt much happier and proud of himself.

We were so lucky to have my in-laws, Nancy and Ed, come for Thanksgiving week to stay with us.We got to do so many fun things and loved having them here. Zane and Emerson ask about them almost everyday.

Here's Emerson having a tea party with her grandparents and uncle Ben.

Here's Dash finally slowing down for a minute to watch a show on the computer. He was talking and moving non-stop the entire day! His energy level rises to the fullest when people are over. We also got to have Jord and Ben, my Dad and Kris, Grandma Fran, and Ben's family.
Here's Emmy trying to watch with Zane and he was trying to hide it from her. I think he finally gave in.
I love when Z and E act loving toward each other. It's the best!

Smiffy (what Emmy calls him)

I love how he snuggled in with our friend Jackie.
Here's Smith with his buddy Miller a few weeks after those first pics were taken. He wasn't too much bigger than Miller at first but now he's huge compared to him.

Zane and Emerson always want to go out when it snows and I always let them, even though I know they're usually going to come back in within 5 minutes. This day was no exception. Here's their freezing faces.

We had a family Christmas party with some family members from out of town.
Zack and our little buddy.

My mom and Smith
Grandpa Dave and Emerson
Aunt Nell with Zane

Silly glasses

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