Monday, May 21, 2012

Emmy Turned 3!!

Our little Emmy turned 3 a couple of weeks ago! She is such a beautiful mix of sweet and sassy. One minute she's dressed from head to toe in pink princess clothes and the next she's tackling Zane or playing in the sand. Her quirky and silly personality makes us laugh every single day. Did I mention she drives us a little crazy on occasion? ;) We love our blue-eyed girl more than life and can't believe she's a big 3 year old!
Here she is a few weeks after she was born... Time flies!!

We had two separate days to celebrate Emerson.  The first day was her real birthday.  This day, we spent as a family - and it included a lot of pink!

We started the night before her day with pink pancakes and purple eggs for dinner. LOL.

The next morning for breakfast we had pink oatmeal...
And pink doughnuts...

Big girl helping feed her brother.
On that day, we got Emmy a couple of gifts.
One was a new cardboard castle. First the kids got to color it (with a lot of help from Zack).

Can't have a birthday without a trip to a fun park...

After going out for pizza for lunch, we had strawberry cake.

THEN... a week later we had her birthday party.  We scheduled it at our park nearby, but when we woke up that morning, it was raining and pouring outside so we ended up having it at our house.  It was fun cramming family and friends in to celebrate Emmy!

Here are some kids helping her finish coloring her castle.
She of course wanted a "pink" themed party, so again we went for pink everything.

These silly girls were screaming and running from the gorilla monster (Grandpa Dave) and hiding in the castle.

Here's a quick pick of loving, cuddly, mellow Smith amidst the chaos.
Pink lemonade cake.  Not a big smile, but she loved the cake.  Having everyone sing can be overwhelming - and Emmy has been acting shy around crowds these days.

Smith with Grandpa Jack.
I had to wear my pink striped shirt too, of course.  After every present that she opened, she whispered to me, "Let's open another one!"

Smith had his buddy Miller and they sat together for a while and played.

She was exhausted by the end of the day!

I noticed that I didn't get any pics of Zane the during the whole party - because he was so busy playing with his buddies. :)

Later that day, she and Zane got to spend the night with Grandma Jodi and Grandpa Dave and then she got pick out a brand new Bitty Baby from American Girl store.  Can you say SPOILED?

We met them the next day in Highlands Ranch for Mother's Day. One of her gifts was a new bike to help her balance and glide along.  So we had to go on a bike ride that day.  She loves that it's pink! (Thanks Judi and Bob)

My favorite gift that we got for her was her new super hero cape to match Zane's.  Zane has had a "Super Z" cape for a while and now Emmy has her very own "Super E" cape so that she can really join in on the super hero missions.

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