Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Here's a catch up of pictures... It seems like this is how I have to post lately, instead of keeping up to date on events.  Oh well.  Better late and all chunked together than never!

Our happy, happy little man.  Wow, Smith is just full of joy and is good at going along with all of our outings...

 We have been having lot's of backyard picnics...

 This is Zane trying to play outside right after being super sick all night with the stomach flu.
 Emmy was actually rolling her eyes at me. HAHAHA

 This picture REALLY reminds me of Zane at his age!

 Emmy was tickling Smith on his belly with her head
 Eating a cracker
 We got to go to the zoo the other day with my mom and sister.  Having two extra adults there was fantastic, and Smith slept through about half of it, which was nice too. 
 Emmy checking out the bears with her girls. 
Zane and me

 Jordan is expecting a sweet little girl in August - she's a cute preggers!  My kids are so excited to have a cousin soon.  They already have two cousins who live in Ohio and miss them so much so it will be fun to have one living close by.

 Flamingo imitation

 When you're with Grandma, you get ice cream.  That's that.

My favorite picture of that day.  
 Smith with Grandma - they're buddies.
 We have been starting to give Smith some finger foods.  He's just now getting the hang of it a little better, but still prefers pureed foods.
 This day, Zane and Emmy were being best friends all day.  They were playing with each other so well and just hanging out. Here, they were just sitting and having a hilarious, serious, conversation.
 Then they brought all the trains up from the basement to build a huge track with all their little toys lining it.  It took a while to make all the trips up and down.  They were so entertained for hours.

Last week, we went to Zane's end of the year park party.  I can't believe that tomorrow is Zane's last day of preschool!  He will go to Kindergarten in the fall.  Woah.

Zack and Emmy swinging.

Here's Zane with his good friend Skylar.

 Here are just a few random pics of Emmy.  She is such a big 3-year old now and just seems so old all of a sudden.

 Emmy and I took some silly pics together on the computer - I chopped all my hair off.  Feels so good!

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