Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost Crawling, Ninjas, Mahna Mahna, and Cracking Up

Gotta watch these ...

This video of Smith is from a couple of weeks ago - when he first started to push himself up and try to move forward. Right now he's still doing this, but even more so. He's basically pushing up to his knees and then giving one big push forward. He's also getting up and starting to rock back and forth. It's funny how when he's doing it in the video, he always puts his head down to get leverage and also gets fussy because it's so frustrating and tiring.

Things I like about this video:
1. Emmy copying Zane 2. Ninja kicks and moves 3. Their socks turned into rocket boots 4. Their super ninja names "Naked Boy" and "Emmy Girl" 4. Smith grabbing the camera and trying to poop during it 5. Super blue eyes on Em and super brown eyes on Zane

A rendition of the Muppets song, "Mahna Mahna", with a few giggles added in...

Compare it to the original song

The best laughing ever!

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