Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catch Up on Pictures

Here is a much needed post of the randomness, chaos, fun, and little things in our lives...

I had to get a shot of the brothers in their matching blue vests.
Zane kept bugging and kissing Smith... love this face.
Until he finally got tired of it.  He was saying "mama" and leaning toward me for help.
Emmy loves to play "bubbles," where she just stands there forever and plays with dishes and soapy water.  She usually just wears her undies since she gets so wet.  Gotta love a two year old in Dora underwear.
Recent projects...
Emmy's flowers and a spring tree
Here's a story that Zane wrote and illustrated lately.  He came up with every single idea and sounded out almost all the words on his own and some with me of course.  I also was impressed that he matched the pictures with the words on each page and used some good transitions.  We've also been working on using periods and exclamation points. (Check out his upside down exclamation points on the last page.) He used the characters from Mario Kart.

"One day Toad fell in a crack.
Luckily, Toad caught a fire flower.
Toad jumped on the trampoline that he shot.  Mario helped him.
Then they fought King Koopa!  They won!"
Emmy can use barrettes now and doesn't hold back!
She also let's me braid and do other things to her hair now.  It makes her look so old!

Just my happy girl

We went to a friend's birthday party -

They were planning and making things out of playdoh together.
The boys
The girls

Emmy is in love with her new doll house from Gigi. We play with it every single day.

Helping me put it together

Wow, the weather has been nice lately.  We even broke out the pool and water table this past week.

I love Smith sitting up now.  First time in the grocery cart - he still starts to lean over to one side sometime and we just push him back up. :)
We got to go to the Planetarium and Nature and Science museum with friends.  Here they are with Charlie, dressed up as astronauts. 
The kids got new fish last week.  Zane named his "Orange Spot" and Emmy named hers "Emmy" and then changed it to "Emerson" so it wasn't so confusing. LOL.  They were so excited.  Well, two days later, Orange Spot died.  Poor Zane cried so hard for 10 minutes and then was able to recover well.  Emerson fish is still alive and we are going to look for a replacement for Zane. 
Hanging out on the porch, drawing with chalk and watering our flowers.
This is Zane drawing a cup family.  He is the first big orange cup and then next to him is Emmy, then, Smith, Mommy, Dada, and then friends.  Each one was a different type of drink and they had different types of hair and faces. 

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