Thursday, April 5, 2012

Emerson Keeps us Laughing

Here are some cute videos of sweet Emmy girl from the past few weeks. I wish I had more, because she is at the best age...awesome imagination, big and funny personality, trying out new language, and busy!

Take One: Stage fright when I asked her to sing a song

Take Two: Singing her favorite song right now

Here's Emmy catching monsters in the yard. She and Zane had put together an elaborate trap and here's her trying to put monsters into it. She has started adding her own finishing touches to her hair lately too, in case you didn't notice. :)

Then, a little later, she started acting like a character named "Lawna" since she was in charge of the lawn. She did this for almost an hour - just came and asked me if I saw something in the yard and then she went to go get it. She was trying to have a tough voice I think.

This video is from a while ago. I found Emmy in her carseat just piling her chapstick onto her entire face. I like how she was acting like everything was totally normal. Haha.

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