Sunday, April 15, 2012


 Here are some Easter pictures -  for some reason they uploaded from the end of Easter to the beginning. So if you like to read things in order, go from bottom to top. :)

 The end of the 2nd hunt...counting eggs.  There was a boys team and a girls team battling!  Emmy and Zane were leading the two packs.

 Emmy and her Grandma searching under the couch for eggs.
 Zane and Great Uncle Bob, seeing what they found.

 I tried to take a few shots of the kids - but it was at the end of a long day, so I didn't get too many great ones.  Still pretty cute though - I wish I would have gotten a video of them squeezing Smith and trying to pose for pictures.

 Our kids have lot's of people who love them and care about them - here's Smith with his Great Aunt Judi, Grandma Jodi, Great Uncle Bob, and Great Grandma Fran.
 We did a few other fun things that day - we dropped colored vinegar into baking soda and watched it bubble.
 We made bunny and egg pancakes.
 Checking out a new Easter lego.
 The Easter bunny wasn't very hungry and only took a few bites of the carrots we left out.
 Emmy loves her new sparkling chapstick.
 Opening Easter baskets

 Family photo at church
 Egg dying time!!

 These two were trying to match the eggs and put them together for me. :)

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