Monday, July 13, 2015

End of June

Papa (Zack's dad) visited from Minnesota last weekend and one day we went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival with him and Jill. We have gone so many times and every single time by the end I wonder what we were thinking.  It sounds so fun, but usually by the end, all kids are complaining of being too hot and ready to go home. ;) Even 
But we did it anyway. 
It was so good to have Papa in town!!

 They always have a street where kids can create their own art projects.  Emmy got the most into it, but the boys liked it too.
 Zane's "tough guy" face.
Here's both "tough guys" 

 We are troopers.  This week, we went to track in the rain, took Smith to his sports camp in the rain, and Zane had a baseball practice in the rain.
These girls snuggled in and actually had a good time playing in the rain too.

During another sports camp for Smith, Zane and Em spent the entire time "training" for soccer. They did all sorts of crazy stuff. Here they were doing toe touches and lunges. 
 Jump City with friends...
The two little guys jumped and jumped and jumped and kept up with all the big kids really well.
 Zane found the 8 and older dodgeball room and went for it.
 Emmy, trying to stay on the bull...
 My very favorite moments almost always consist of the kids being friends or something with reading.  It's great when it involves both.
 We went to check out the new exhibit at the Butterly Pavilion.
Zane's an expert photo bomber now.  It drives me insane usually but this one was pretty cute.
 Checking out some tarantulas.  Zane reads the info to the other kids a lot.

 They got to dig for worms and rolly poly bugs.  Smith won't get near mud or bugs of any kind.  He's a scaredy cat, but Emmy and Zane both love it.

 I love this group of friends.  We get to go out almost every Thursday night now (our husbands' boss's idea) and it's always such a good time. This night, we had to document our big dinner out downtown with all the young, hip people. I'm so thankful for these gals.
I'm also thankful for these ladies - my best buds - my sisters.  We went to downtown Denver for a girls' getaway for TWO NIGHTS.  We ate awesome food, played games, hung out at the rooftop pool, and had tons of uninterrupted time to catch up.  Refreshing for sure. Thanks to Zack for having so much fun with the kids while we were gone and giving me a guilt-free getaway.
 Emmy, Jord, and I went to the hospital to visit my cousin Jaimie and her husband Ryan's new baby Dylan.  Emmy couldn't get enough of him.  He was 5 POUNDS and so tiny and perfect.  He was a little fussy when I held him and when she got to hold him, he got super comfy and fell right asleep.  She's still rubbing it in.
I love her little face in this pic - so proud of herself.
 All by herself.  A 5 lb baby. How did my own daughter get this big?!?!?!?!?!?!?
 Congrats on a beautiful baby!
 We got to go to our church staff's second annual party at the Bay.  They rent the whole place out for staff and families.  It's so cool that the kids get to go free and do everything, with almost nobody else there.  And of course,  a night off of cooking dinner, which is always nice. Our kids had an absolute blast and we had fun too of course.

Zane hung with the big kids in the deep end. :)
 Em got to spend time with her buddy Clare
 They got to ride all the slides. She was in Heaven.
 This little Bug just entertained himself. What's cuter than that little face with goggles?
 We got ice-cream desserts

 Emmy just hanging with Rachel

 Coolest kid

 He grabbed on to Zack right before he was about to run on the treadmill and asked, "Can you just carry me while you run??"

 My adventurer - Emmy the brave

 We borrowed a bounce house from our friends and it has been a huge hit. The kids have spent so much time on it.

 Perfect picture of a summer day

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