Thursday, July 2, 2015

Incline and Parks

I love Katy and her boys. She is always willing to join us on our crazy adventures. We have so much fun together, no matter what. We try new things. 

This day, we met them down at Elk Ridge Park in Castle Pines.  It was awesome, with rock walls, fountains, and other really cool features. The kids played hard for about 3 hours. We ate lunch there and played, played, played. Then, instead of heading home to rest, we deiced last minute, that since we weren't too far from Castle Rock, we would just head down to try the incline and park there. It was a lot in one day but felt so good to play all day.

Emmy and Molly jumping around

 Zane climbed up this wall to get to the gate that led to a huge slide
 Zane, Smith, and Nathan
 Playing the chimes
 Between the park and incline, we stopped for a cold drink and snack at Sonic.
 The kids just took off.  They were so fast!  Molly only made it 25 steps up and then I carried her the rest the way.

 They were cheering Katy and me on from the top. Molly also cheered me on while I was holding her.
 The view from the top!

 Then, we tried this unique park across the field.

 It was HOT so we dragged all our bottles with us.  What a great day.

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