Thursday, December 31, 2015

Early Fall Misc.

Emer is SO into decorating for holidays.  The girl always wants to go all out. Since Zack and I don't love doing a ton, we usually compromise, and land somewhere in the middle.  She and I filled the front porch with glowing webs this year, and orange lights of course.  She paid so much attention to every single detail and had me redo lot's of parts. It made her whole day.

 There's an awesome pumpkin patch right by our house, that is free every day. They have bounce houses, a slide, farm animals, a little hay maze, etc. Smith and I spent a lot of time there, just him and me, while the kids were at school, especially because the weather was so hot and amazing for so long. Smith could jump on the bounce houses for hours.

We went as a whole family, just once.
 This day, for Emmy's gymnastics, she had a sore leg, so she wanted me to be there with her for the beginning.  It was fun seeing all she's learned.  She's getting pretty good!
 I volunteered at the kids' school to monitor "Friday Football." It was pretty crazy, trying to ref a TON of 3-5 graders, all playing one huge game with one ball. They fought, yelled, complained, cried, and maybe had a little fun on the side. ;) Now I know why Zane gets frustrated at recess! The fun part was the cute little 1st grade guy who stood by me the whole time and "helped" me make all the calls.
 Zane being silly - wearing about 10 layers of costumes for an obstacle course they set up.
 New Karaoke machine!  Woohoo!!  Guess what music Em likes to sing?!?  Yep, you guessed it, Taylor Swift.

 Family get together - I love this shot of Em touching Nell's pregnant belly, and my mom and Grandma joining in on the conversation.
 Molly and I got to have a few dates while Smith went to his speech session. This day, we walked over to Sweet Cow, our favorite ice cream spot. I love my Molly Girl!
 While Emmy does gymnastics, the boys and I usually try to do some wall climbing.  I cannot get over how they can all 3 just go for it.  They are so good at it!  I'm always in awe.
Smith got over half way up the wall this time.
 Zane and Em can get up there in no time!  Getting down takes a little bit more courage and time.

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