Monday, November 7, 2016

Emmy's 7th Birthday Parties

My sweet middle baby is 7. She is growing up so fast right before our eyes. And I love seeing who she is becoming. She certainly has a personality of her own. She's fierce and loving. She's stubborn and passionate. She's emotional and so very kind hearted. Girls' time with her has been better than ever. She's so fun to hang out with.

For her birthday, we had a party with family and then for her party with friends, she just wanted a big slumber party, so why not?  We had 10 girls, including little Molly over for a dance party, movie (Cinderella), nail painting station, pizza and dessert, pancake breakfast, and of course lot's of giggling. My mom and Jordan came over to help me

 Here's Emmy and Delaney at her family party...

 Aunt Jord


Opening presents

 Emmy started off by introducing her friends to each other
 Grandma and Gabby joined us.
 Pizza party

 It was hilarious watching the girls figure out where they were sitting for the movie.

 Root beer floats for dessert.

 The girls stayed up so late talking and being crazy that Grandma finally just went down and stood there and one by one they fell asleep.  Molly was the last one awake!

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