Friday, November 11, 2016

May Misc.

I don't know how many times I've written "best buddies" to caption a picture with Smith and Molly in it, but here's another one... these two just adore each other.
 We finally tried Zane's favorite haircut on Smith.  He had begged us for a while.  His hair just didn't quite work the same way as Zanes, but still super cute.
 A rare pic of me that one of the boys took.

 I chaperoned a 3rd grade field trip with Zane's class to see a play.  Zane and his buddy Owen are fun.
 Smith and his friend Mennona playing hockey.
 Water gun fight.

 We always get attached to our caterpillars and butterflies when we order them in the spring. So it's with mixed emotions that we set them free.

 Smith's preschool class did a Mother's Day tea for the moms and serenaded us.

 BBQ with our small group buds

 Some of Smith's flag football games were FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!

 Spa Day - Em and I mixed our own facials and then tried out her new foot massage spa

 Smith and Mol went on a field trip to the pond to search for critters. Once again, best friends.

 Mini kickers soccer session with their friend Owen.
 This picture of Smith and baby Gabby melts my heart every single time I look at it.  Her little hand resting on his arm and his expression... love it.

 Smith decided he wanted to play hockey so we signed him up to learn to skate.  He did so well!!
 Zane's recorder concert: classic

 Baseball stud Zane at third base
 Field day - Em in her bright pink shorts and Zane.

 We are so thankful every single time that our friend Adam gives us Rockies/Padres tickets. I just had to snap a pic of these three cuties walking in with their dad.  This time, we went with Zane's baseball team.
 Sitting with his friends (and even wearing a Rockie's jersey)

 Sometimes the fans at Zane's baseball games really had to get bundled up.  Grandpa Jack came to watch and helped me keep Gabby warm.
 Here's how the other kids kept warm.

 Just a cool pic of a baptism morning at Paramount Theater. Zack was baptizing people upstairs.
 These two...

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