Friday, November 11, 2016

Late Spring /Summer ish

The kids got asked to tell Bible stories for a video series that introduced a 6-week series at our church. We went twice and spent about an hour each time taping them telling the stories in their own words.  It was really fun to watch them. Each of their own personalities shone through and they cracked us up. I was proud of them for reading and learning the stories so well too. 

The funniest part about it is that people started recognizing (and still recognize) them all over the place when we're out.  So we will hear people pointing them out to each other "those are the kids from the videos," and a ton of people have come up to the kids (especially Zane) and told them good job on the videos. One day when we were out to eat, after our server had asked if they were on the Flatirons videos, Zane sighed and said, "It's hard being famous." Haha, so hilarious.

Here's them on the big screens at church...

 Story time fun - playing and bubble party

 Emmy played summer softball. She is a pretty tough athlete. She's fast and coordinated and liked it pretty well.  She's not a huge team sports gal, so it was good to see her get to feel connected to a team.  And she can HIT. Go Emmy!

 Em also finished up her trial year with Girl Scouts.  We went to a planting activity with her troop and helped plant a bunch of new flowers on a big intersection so everyone could see it. Smith and I helped.

 A couple cute pics - Aunt Nell and Gabby.
 Sad lip - my favorite.

 Smith wanted to bring his siblings back to the pond where he and Molly had their field trip.  It was our lucky day, because we ran into a group of boys who had tons of gear to come catch tadpoles and snakes and let the kids help them and hold all the animals. They loved it.


 It's tough fitting all 5 of us in. I love their expressions.

 huge tadpoles

 and little snakes

 You know, just a normal day with a thousand stuffies

 Emmy's sweet end of the year letter to Mrs. Cannon.
 More Girl Scouts - we got to go make a Build-a-Bear
 The boys washed their own bears too.

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