Monday, November 14, 2016

End of the School Year/ Start of Summer

When a school year comes to an end, it comes with lot's of parties and celebrations.
Last day of preschool for these two - Smith had Ms. VonRuden 

 Last day of 3rd grade with Ms. Desbien

 Last day party!

Cotton Candy face - summer here we come!
 Emmy's last day of 1st grade with Ms. Cannon
 They played games and all sorts of activities outside.

 Mol and Gab came and Emmy's friends welcomed them right in.
 When 4 out of 5 kids are out cold, you know you've had a good day.

 These crack me up - I had to take these selfies of us at the coldest baseball game of all time (and we weren't expecting it to be nearly that cold so were unprepared.) Emmy and I could NOT stop laughing at how grumpy Smith and Molly were.  We finally had to leave because they couldn't deal with it.

 Em went to an indoor soccer party (she's in the front right)

 We found a baby bunny stuck in our window well and who better to send to it's rescue than Emmy, the animal LOVER of our house.  This girl cares so much about animals.  She wants a pet so badly.
 Yep, we had her carry her straight through the house.
 First days of summer call for a trip to the Boulder Creek.  It was all fun and games until Smith fell in and got soaked up to his neck.  Then, he cried and complained the rest of the day.  The festival was fun though.

 Our first time letting Gabby swing.  My kids basically fought over who got to push her. Zane was the gentlest, kindest man taking care of her in the swing.

 Grandpa Jack and Grandma Kris joined us for a bit

 We drove to Folsom Field in Boulder to support Zack and Ben running the Boulder Bolder.
 It took a lot of waiting and patience to see Dada.
 We cheered him on (blue shirt and white hat). And we totally missed Ben even though we tried to find him.
 Good job, Ben!
 Jord and Ben moved into their new house Memorial Day weekend and had us all over for a BBQ and to unpack and just check out the new place.

Grandpa Dave and the kids
 Grandma, Pappy and more kids.

 We had tons of fun watching Emmy play softball to start off our summer.  She is so stinkin cute out there.

 The fans are pretty cute too.

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