Monday, August 18, 2014

Disneyland California

We were really nervous about how a big day in Disneyland would be.  I sorta pictured kids breaking down all day, acting tired and fussy, not wanting to wait in lines, too hot, etc. etc. etc.  It was seriously the opposite!  The day could not have gone any better than it did!!  Our kids and Molly were AMAZING!!  They were patient in lines, sweet, had good attitudes, etc. I honestly couldn't believe it.  We arrived at the park at 8 am sharp, and did not leave until 11 pm!!!   
I'm thankful we got to go, and it was fun to be there with family and to celebrate my dad's 55th bday!
It was honestly the best day ever!  I would do it again in a second. 

These are not in order, but oh well!  As you can imagine, we took a billion pics that day.  I just know we'll love looking back on these years from now.  Such great memories.

Smith did a lot of thumbs up that day.

 The big guys with Smith and Molly

 Dumbo Ride...Jord's favorite when she was a kid.

The Winnie the Pooh ride was one of Smith's favorites.

 Afternoon ice cream treat...

 Luckily, Emmy fell asleep in one line, or I don't think she would have made it to the end of the night.  Zack held her for at least 30 min sound asleep.

 Entertainment in line
 At the end of the night, we headed over to Downtown Disney for a fun pizza dinner.  I love Emmy's princess gloves.

 We watched the fireworks from there.

 At the very beginning of the day, Emmy and Dad and Kris and I got to go to The Adventure Park, where the restaurant Ariel's Grotto was.  While we did that, the boys went straight to Pirate's of the Caribbean and rode it twice in a row, rode Indiana Jones, etc.  And they LOVED it.
While Emmy and I waited for our reservation for breakfast with princesses, we got to ride a few things with no lines whatsoever.
We rode a roller coaster twice in a row.  My dad even rode it with me.  You could tell he was in good spirits - he hates roller coasters. :)

 Princess Breakfast was one of my favorite experiences ever.  I was overjoyed watching Emmy have so much joy from something.  The princesses made her feel beyond special and made her feel so loved.  Each one took the time to hug her and chat with her and just snuggle with her.  They were the absolute sweetest ever.
I've almost never seen Emmy so excited about something.  She was jumping in her seat and just couldn't even believe that she was actually meeting real princesses.  She loved getting their autographs too.
I'm so so so so so glad that we did the breakfast.  Thanks Dad and Kris!

 I love her face, while Ariel was signing her name.  So exciting!

 In some of these pictures, you can't really tell who is more excited and happy - Emmy or me.  I got teary eyed a few times, just feeling overwhelmed with pure joy.


 Snow White

 Sleeping Beauty!

 Cinderella was the best!

Later, we waited in line (switched off) for 2 1/2 hours to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen and was worth it.  Emmy and Molly got to meet them and it was the sweetest.  This is the girls waiting in line.  Emmy had her autograph book ready to go.

 Just like the other princesses, they were the best.  They talked with the girls for a long time and just made them feel like princesses themselves.  Wow, so awesome.  Emmy's highlight of the day for sure.

 We split up some during the day. Grandpa Jack and Grandma Kris took the strollers on a big boat ride so the rest of us could ride Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster.

 Love these 3 faces, messy, dirty, sweaty, and HAPPY

 The castle!!
 Emmy and Zane had just bonked heads, so she was still sad in our family photo

 New gloves!

 This is the boys when they were on their own in the beginning of the day.  They LOVED the Pirate's ride.

 Splash Mountain was so fun.  I think this is my favorite pic of the trip - Zane's face is priceless.

 Space Mountain.  So fun!
 Back to beginning of the day.  Our hotel shuttle at 7:30 am. :)
 Morning time - our first ride was Goofy's roller coaster.

 Ariel's ride!

 The only long line we waited in, was Space Mountain.  It was just Zane and me.  He did SO well, but was tired in the middle of the afternoon.
 Space Mountain

 Thank goodness, the two little ones also napped in their strollers, at the same time.

 Back seat of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
 Downtown Disney Lego Store

 Indiana Jones was Zane's favorite ride, so he went back at the very end of the night with Grandma Kris.

Spraying Molly till she was soaked...

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