Friday, August 15, 2014

More Summer Happenings

Zack had an inflatable night for his youth group, so we got to invite friends and go play on them during the day when no one else was there.  We played for an hour and a half!

Emmy on the velcro wall

 Smith was trying to joust

 Tough guy

 Jordan and Molly and I have gotten to spend some really good time together this summer since Jord has been off work. This day, we took the little kids to their gym class and then headed to a park nearby to eat lunch and play.
I love this - Zane just layed under a tree by himself and ate an entire Jimmy John's sandwich. He's getting so big!
 There was a little stream of water to play in.  Perfect!
 Emmy had a friend there


 Just a cute snuggle picture.  These two were playing a game on the iPad together during a thunderstorm.  Every time is thundered, Zane put his arm around Emmy to protect her.
 Zane's new snap circuits that he got for his bday...he can create circuits on his own by following directions and make lights turn on, songs play, etc.
 Just a cutie pie
 We spent a day with our good friends up in the mountains.  We were planning on hiking a few miles to get to a river where we could eat lunch and hang out, but the road to it was closed.  So we found a great spot nearby.  They loved just throwing things into the water, swinging in hammocks, etc.

 Smith loves his friend Gray.  They are so cute together.

 Then, the dads decided to go explore the trail across the river and they also decided to take the kids along, which meant carrying each one across one by one!  Zack was the only one who fell in and he wasn't carrying anyone, luckily.  LOL.

 Emmy and her best bud Claire, with the boys.

 Jesse carried the kids across and they all went on a hike.  Kara and I stayed back and got to chat on the hammocks.  That was a good deal!
 Across the river...

 Afterwards... they had so many mosquito bites!!
 Molly's birthday party was that same weekend.  I can't believe our sweet little Molly turned 2!  She's getting so big.  Emmy helped me pick out and wrap her gifts.
 We hung out a lot outside and even got to have Sprite with our pizza. Zane's favorite!
 She had an Olaf cake.
 Opening presents...

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