Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lemonade Stand

We picked an insanely hot morning to do our lemonade stand that we've had on our to-do list since last summer.  The kids finally took the initiative and did the work for it because they wanted to make some extra money to spend on our trip to California.  They made a ton of art projects to del, colored the sign, and got everything ready with me.  
I could not believe the response that we got!  So many people stopped to buy our lemonade and art.  Most people also gave tips.  The kids could NOT believe how much money they got.  Zane even gave change to a few people.  They also had a system of who put ice in the cups, etc. 
It was really fun. And hot.

 Zane was dedicated, sitting out in the sun almost the whole time we were out there.
 I love these three working together to give this guy some lemonade.

 Emmy was good at waving at everyone. :)
 A few friends and Ben and Jord and Molly stopped by.

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Ed said...

I love it!!! Nothing like learning entrepreneurialism early in life!!! Glad they made some cash, hard work and and good idea can be a good thing!