Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yes, More Summer Pics

I think this post will finally catch me up on all of our summer pictures - just in time for Zane to start school tomorrow.

The kids helped put together backpacks with school supplies to donate.  I loved this pic of them walking into church carrying them to donate. 

 One evening, while Emmy was at a playdate, the two boys and I went for a long walk.  They were so cute and were being best buddies.

 I went in to get Smith a haircut because it was bugging his eyes and he was getting a rat tail in the back.  I told the lady that I wanted to leave it pretty long, just a trim to clean it up a bit and she CHOPPED it.  I pretty much immediately regretted getting it cut. It's so short.  And yes, it still looks cute, but my baby looks so grown up.  I miss his cute little chubby face.

 My sweetness
 Children's museum...

 Playdate with a friend...
 We went to the zoo with Jord, Molly, Mom, Judi and Bob.  It was a great day.  Smith decided he would be Batman that day.  I love how he had his paci in on the way.  LOL.
 Reading maps

 We spent some time in the little creek

 Zane got mad at me because I wouldn't let him swing a huge branch around like a sword around all the other kids.  Call me crazy!

 We ended the day with ice cream.

Some older pics from the Longmont Museum earlier this summer

 Zack and Zane got to go to a little party with a friend and his dad and family - a laser gun fight on a golf course at night.  Boy Heaven!  They wore camouflage and black and head lamps. They played for a long time and Zane loved every second.

 Big girl holding a friend's new baby.  She's so nurturing and sweet with babies.

 Riding bikes with friends
 I took the kids to the Museum of Nature and Science.  We were there for a lot of the day and they did so great.

This was a huge dino puppet

 We did an experiment together.  It was awesome.  We had to follow specific directions and everyone had a job to do.

 I love how they are all concentrating


 Library play area
 Spray park with friends.  We love playing with these guys.
 Emmy's tongue sticking out is so cute

 My mom came to stay with me for a couple nights while Zack was at Middle School camp.  We played a bunch in the backyard.
 And then went to the new Planes movie.  Our movie theater just got renovated and so there are recliners.  It was super comfy.  Smith was so restless and squirrely, but he made it.

 The kids went one night to the Rec Center with Judi and Bob to wall climb.  They both made it ALL THE WAY UP a few times.  Wow!!

 I'm pretty sure we ate way too much ice-cream this summer.
 The Bay!
 Snuggly man
 Last day of summer...

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