Friday, September 18, 2009

Fresh Beat Band

Zane has a new obsession...the show called "The Fresh Beat Band" on Nickelodeon. It fits perfectly with two of Zane's favorite things to do, sing and dance. He (and we) sing it all day and he begs to watch it all the time. It is the absolute cheesiest most ridiculous show ever, but for a 2 year old it is awesome and unfortunately for us the songs are super catchy so we have them in our head constantly. The four characters' names are Twist, Shout, Marina, and Kiki. In the first video he's saying all their names. He also tries to copy some of their break dance moves by throwing himself on the floor. In this video, when he's dancing like Twist, he's also trying to beat box like him and then is singing, "Just gotta move" which is one of their songs. In both videos, he's just singing on his own. When he's actually watching the show, it's a whole other story...he goes crazy and is super animated and energetic and just has so much fun!

In this video, he's singing another song that goes, "It was a great day. It was a super way...." "We'll kick it our way...we'll play" He sings in different tones of voice and also watch his right food kicking the whole time. My favorite part is when he says, "I got the moves, Mommy" at the end. I guess I say that a lot to him. Sometimes now, when I try to sing other kids songs with him, he says, "No, sing Fresh Beats!" and the second I start singing it he busts out dancing.


Ashley said...

Awww! "I got the moves Mommy." :)
That kid is straight up gangsta!

Ed said...

After watching these videos, I think I have a better understanding why Zane is doing so well in his new bed... By the end of the day, with all that singing and dancing, the boy is just plain WORN OUT! I got tired just watching. :-)

These were great, I especially liked the drooping shorts int he first video, they made me smile and think he truly was break dancing.

Do you guys ever watch Sesame Street or is that just gone now? I have some very fond memories of Matthew at Zane's age and watching Sesame street... Now of course I just saw Matthew and he's growing a little goatee. Well, I guess times they are a changin'.

Lori said...

He definitely has the moves... and I now know why Jordan said, "watching my nephew dance is perhaps the most delightful pastime ever!"