Saturday, November 28, 2009

ERW and ZMW Updates

What's new with Zane...
* His vocabulary and talking in general is completely unbelievable. Lately, it has just exploded and I feel like he says a ton of new words and sentences every single day. It's so hard to show just how amazing it is in words, but it's so fun! I love it.

* Lately, he acts like he is sick and asks to see the doctor (his favorite is to have a fake cough) so he can get "fixed." He also says, "Emerson is sick. I gotta fix her. Ok, now she's all fixed."

* When he prefers something, he says, "I want that better."

* His imagination is developing incredibly and he's so good at pretending to be other people and assigning us all roles too. The other day, he was a robot and he said to me, "Hi, I'm a robot. I'm kinda nice and I'm kinda scary. I won't scare you."

* He calls Emerson a big girl and says, "She's not a baby. She's a big girl." Or asks her, "Are you happy now, big girl?"

* He uses adjectives correctly and he's using more complex ones all the time like, boring, sweet, scared, beautiful, tiny, awesome, perfect, huge, brave, tough, late, early, spicy, sour, freezing, warm, etc. I love when he says, "Look Mommy, I made this look beautiful" when he colors a picture. I also love when he says, "This is going to be really really fun! or "This is going to be sweet!"

* He makes up songs and sings words to familiar tunes, or sometimes his own tunes. We usually sing a tune when doing things or going places, like "Going to the gym. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Going to the gym. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The other day, when I told him we were going to take a bath, he started singing, "Gonna take a bath. No, no, no."

* He says, "Just a little bit. Not that much" in the right context.

* He asks Emerson what she's talking about when she babbles.

* He connects things well, like when something happens to him, he says it's like a character in a book he read, or it reminds him of another time he did something similar.

* He's still struggling off and on with staying in his bed. It's funny though, because before he goes to bed each nap or at night, he tells us either "I'm not going to get out of my bed today. I'm going to stay in my bed" or "I'm going to get out of my bed today. Sorry." and he totally follows what he says.

"When playing with toys sometimes, he says, "No, this isn't OUR (or YOUR) toy, it's MY toy."

What's new with Emerson...
* She's pretty much sitting up all alone now and just tips over every once in a while.

* She's starting the crawling motion, but not crawling yet.

* She still screams and squeaks and squeals all day long!

* She eats SOOO well. So far, she's eaten all the fruits and veggies we've given her with no problem.

*She's sleeping from about 7:30 - 5 or 6 most days now and then usually still goes back to sleep again until about 7 or 8. She also takes 2 good naps a day, sometimes 3. Trust me, this is very good news.


Lori said...

I just love Zane's imagination... and I love how he tells you he's not going to stay in bed, says he's sorry, but then does it anyways!! :-)

Lori said...

I love the new blog picture, too!! :-)

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