Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Birthday

The definition of a fun birthday has definitely changed. Now, my ideal birthday was to take Zane and Emerson somewhere fun because when they are having fun, we're having fun. So, after the three of them let me sleep in and then sang "Happy Birthday" with their princess crowns on, we went to Artsports, a huge gym with trampolines, bungies, ropes, foam pits, swings, huge mats, etc. Zane tried everything and Emerson even tried the swing and laughed the whole time. Then, that night, Zack and I got away to dinner by ourselves. AAAAHHHH. It was a nice day. I'm going to enjoy this last year in my 20's!!!!!
Who do you think Emerson looks more like? It's getting more and more obvious that she looks so much like her Daddy. :)

Here's Zane on the swing. He kept telling me, "I'm not gonna laugh. I'm just gonna laugh a little bit." and then laughed. It was so funny...I have no idea why he said that. Then, he got to run and jump on a huge long trampoline on the floor, and in the last video, he is jumping off a really high spot into the foam pit. He just went for it each time. Brave little guy!


Lori said...

What a fun place to go!! :-)

Ashley said...

SO FUN. I love the pictures and videos!