Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zane and Emerson Updates


Emerson is 6 months old already!! I seriously cannot believe that much time has passed since she was born. She weighed only 8 lbs then, and now she weighs 17 lbs 5 oz which is in the 80th %tile. Since she was born, she's grown 7 1/2 inches so she's 27 in. long now which in in the 97th %tile.

She's getting closer to sitting up on her own. She can sit well while propped on something, but not completely alone yet. She can roll and push her chest up off the floor really well. She's starting to pull herself up a little bit while laying down. She also holds and plays with toys great now. She still spits and screams all the time, but is overall on the quiet side. She laughs a lot and fusses a lot. :)

She's eating rice, oatmeal, and just started trying carrots and bananas. She is such an awesome eater!! I'm looking forward to letting her try more foods because I think it will help her to sleep even better and just feel better and more content during the days.

She's sleeping a little bit better lately. Last night, she actually slept through the entire night (8 - 7). Wow, what an enormous relief. I doubt it will keep going that well, but we can hope. She usually goes to sleep consistently between 8 and 8:30 at night and is starting to wake up closer to 5 to eat instead of 3 or 4. Then she usually goes right back to sleep until about 8 again. So it's really not too bad. She's still inconsistent though, so occasionally wakes up and cries for a while earlier in the night before falling back asleep.


When he goes into Zack's office, or when he sees our computers, he says, "I'm going to check my email." He tells us who he's sending an email to. Sometimes, too, he picks up the remote control and points it to the TV and says, "I need to check the weather."

He likes his hair spiked up in a faux hawk now and sometimes when we go outside and it's windy, he tried to cover his hair with his hands to protect it and yells, "My spikes! My spikes!"

He's really into pretending he's someone else. Really into it. Like when we call him Zane now, he says, "No, I'm not Zane. I'm ___." and wants us to call him by the right name of the person or character that he's pretending to be. When we ask his name now, instead of saying "Zane Weingartner" he says, "Calliou Weingartner or Gus Gus Weingartner or Twist Weingartner (whoever he is right then.).

He also pretends that he (or whoever he's pretending to be) gets hurt a lot. The other day, he kept breaking his leg. I was the doctor and checked his leg and fixed it and then he'd say, "I need to break my leg again. I gotta get hurt" and he would go down on the floor and fake fall and then say, "I broke my leg again! I need the doctor. Should I rest until it gets better?" Then, he would let it rest for a minute and repeat. He does stuff like that all day everyday!!

When he pretends he's Sleeping Beauty, he calls her Sleeping Booty.

When he leaves to get something or look at something, he says, "I'll be right back...I'll be back in a few minutes, Mommy!"

He says he likes things better now, like "I like wearing my boots better than my shoes."

He tells me when he's already seen or done something, but it's cute because he says, "I already doed that instead of did that."

When commercials come on TV, he says, "Go away, commercials!" or if there is something on that he doesn't like, he tells it to go away.

When we walk by Emerson's door while she's sleeping, he puts his finger on his mouth and says, "ssshhh" and starts whispering. When she wakes up and he hears her, he says, "She's awake! I gotta get her!" and he goes with us to get her every time.

He says, " I can't" sometimes now when I ask him to do something. I usually give him a look, like give me a break, and he changes it to "ok." :)

He asks if things are for girls and boys or just girls or just boys, like movies, clothes, toys, etc.

He talks to objects now and then laughs and says, "That doesn't talk! That's silly."

He calls syrup "syr-UP" and also says, "Batter-UP and with both he says, "Up, not down!"

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Ashley said...

The spikes thing cracks me up. "My spikes!"

And I love how he says "I already doed that." It actually shows that his language skills are developing and he understands that past-tense requires an "ed" ending. Pretty fascinating stuff! But then, I am an English major so maybe it's only interesting to me. ;)

I feel like Emerson is going to be all grown up when I see her over Christmas! Glad to hear she is doing so well, especially since she was sick there for a while.