Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goin for a Dip

Today I took Z and E swimming at the rec center pool all alone. I have to say, I've been scared to go, imagining all that could go wrong or be too hard by myself, but it was totally fine. Emerson slept for the first half of our time there and then she woke up happy and ready to swim. It was her very first time in the water and she loved it. From the second she got in, she started splashing and playing. Zane went down the slide by himself for the first time too, which occupied almost all his time, doing it over and over and over. We really did have fun.

Hanging out together during snack time. Look at Zane's hand holding Emerson's belly on the right side. :) He asked to hold her.


SMB said...

So cute! I will go with you sometime.

Lori said...

Such cute pictures!!